Lake Michigan Fishing Charter in Kewaunee, Wisconsin

Our promise is to provide the best Lake Michigan charter fishing experience possible. Here is exactly how we do it…


From the moment you contact us to inquire about a fishing charter, to the minute you return to the dock after fishing with us, you’ll receive our utmost respect, attention, and effort each and every time. You will enjoy your time with family and friends. You will always look back fondly on the memories you made. While on the water, we cater to each individual. Whether you are an avid angler or a rookie, we give you as much or as little involvement as you would like in running the gear, netting the fish, etc. We love fishing as much as you do, and we treasure all of the friendships that are made while doing so.


At the end of the season when the boat gets winterized, we don’t simply forget about fishing until the following spring. Instead, we spend countless hours in the offseason continuing to learn and make ourselves better. We study the weather, the conditions of the lake, the seasonal movements of fish, and reflect on past experiences and observations. We analyze every detail of every aspect of what we do. We use that analysis to drive continuous improvement and adaptation. This fishery is always changing, and to continue to have the most success, we know we have to continuously change and improve as well. We find a balance between ‘what has always worked’ and ‘what must we change in order to adapt to the changing fishery’.

During the season, we use this same approach on a day-to-day basis. We take extra care to study the conditions and strategize daily, as no two days are exactly the same on Lake Michigan. This has been our proven formula to achieve consistent success under all different conditions.


Our captains and their deck hands go to work for you to ensure your individual experience is the highest quality. Every charter trip is important to us. Although we get to fish all the time, we understand our customers only get this opportunity once a year, or perhaps even once in a lifetime. Therefore, our time is dedicated to you when you’re on board our vessel. We aren’t on our phone with friends. We aren’t ‘going live’ on Facebook to try and drum up more business. We aren’t just out for a boat ride to pass the time and get back to the dock. We are dedicated, focused, and all-in on ensuring you a memorable experience and the most successful day on the water we can provide.

We’ve observed the majority of fishermen tend to settle into the same patterns and hope the fish bite on a given day. At Slam Dunk Charters we use our research, preparation, and experience, combined with our expert ability to read and adjust to the day’s conditions. This allows us to dial up just the right formula for success on that particular day. We are known for going where we need to go to maximize the opportunity for the day. We never settle for ‘good enough’ and we are always challenging ourselves to push the bar higher!



We inspect and maintain all of our safety equipment on a regular basis. You will see that we spare no expense in maintaining a mechanically sound and clean vessel. You’ll ride in comfort with plenty of space to fight fish, a clean private restroom, and ample storage for your personal belongings. We provide nicely kept equipment and have all the tools needed to target and catch fish in all of the changing conditions of Lake Michigan.


All of the above qualities drive us toward the outcome. We put in whatever it takes to have a successful day on the water, as shown by our proven record of consistently harvesting the most fish and the biggest fish in the Kewaunee waters of Lake Michigan. Your experience will leave you wanting to come back again, as so many of our guests do each year. There is a reason we have an incredible base of repeat clients who fish with us every year. Ask them why they continue to come back!

There are never any guarantees in fishing, except that on any given day, fishing with Slam Dunk Charters provides the most successful and memorable experience possible.

How to Make a Reservation

To inquire about availability and make reservations, please call 920-724-1541 or email steve@slamdunksportfishing.com We do request 20% down payment to hold your reservation. This deposit can be made in the form of a check or online using a credit card after you schedule your trip. This is fully refundable if cancellation notice is received 2 weeks in advance.

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