Lake Michigan Fishing Charter in Kewaunee, Wisconsin

Meet the captains

Captain Steve Grose

Captain Steve Grose

I am Captain Steve Grose and I have over 30 years of Great Lakes salmon and trout fishing experience.

I grew up fishing with my family at a small resort in Minnesota on Lake Superior’s north shore. I soon discovered Lake Michigan and the great fishery it had to offer. Years later, I started Slam Dunk Sport Fishing Charters LLC in Kewaunee in 2009. Ever since, I’ve been enjoying every minute of being able to provide memorable fishing experiences for so many wonderful people that we have the pleasure of fishing with.

I work hard to ensure all of our guests get the best Lake Michigan charter fishing experience possible. Whether it is mid-season or during the dead of winter, I am always working hard, studying the water, weather, and other conditions that impact the activity of the fish. I am constantly reflecting on past experiences, learning, and adapting to continue to have great success as a captain. I appreciate the fishery and I have a great respect for the resources we have in the lakes, the beautiful scenery, and the surreal feelings that encompass you when you are on this vast body of water.

See you on the water! -Captain Steve

Captain Brian Boland

Captain Brian Boland

I am Captain Brian Boland and I have an addiction to fishing. I started out at a young age fishing for anything I could. I grew up most of my life in Kewaunee and felt very lucky to have a great fishery so close to me. I’ve fished all over the state and surrounding states. I got my first start on a charter boat with Captain Steve and feel very fortunate to be able to continue working with him as a captain.

Toothy fish are my fish of choice and there’s something about a salmon smashing a rod that still gets my heart going. I get a rush out of seeing others enjoy the sport that I have grown to love. I am a very energetic fisherman and like to teach people about fishing and hope that you can learn a few new tricks from me. Can’t wait to see you on the water! – Captain Brian

Captain Mark Kirsten

Captain Mark has lived his entire life on the shores of Lake Michigan and spent countless hours on the water. Mark is a seasoned veteran who at one point was among a small group of Lake Michigan charter captains doing over 200 chartered fishing trips a year. He has since scaled back to spend more time at home with his family. We could not be happier to have him as part of our crew running our boat!

Mark is not only a great captain, but also has a great knowledge of the boats, equipment, and of the fishing industry itself. He is our go-to resource for anything boat related, as he is always learning new things.

How Our CHarters Work

Our fishing charters in Kewaunee operate from Memorial Day through October, targeting Chinook and Coho Salmon, Lake, Rainbow, and Brown Trout. Charters depart an hour before sunrise, typically around 4am in summer, ensuring timely arrival at the fishing grounds. Upon meeting at the dock, we assist with boarding and loading before departure. Guests may participate in gear deployment or relax and enjoy the sunrise.

We use trolling with up to 12 lines. First-time catches can lead the reel, and seasoned anglers are welcome to handle gear. Post-fishing, we offer photo opportunities and prepare your catch, providing filleting, packaging, and optional vacuum sealing for extended stays. Please bring a cooler for your fish.

How to Make a Reservation

To inquire about availability and make reservations, please call 920-724-1541 or email steve@slamdunksportfishing.com We do request 20% down payment to hold your reservation. This deposit can be made in the form of a check or online using a credit card after you schedule your trip. This is fully refundable if cancellation notice is received 2 weeks in advance.

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