Here at Slam Dunk Fishing Charters in Kewaunee, we are grateful for another season filled with remarkable catches.

This year, the conditions were so favorable that many others were able to join in on calling it a “great season”. Many are calling it “by far the best season in 10+ years”. It is fantastic to see others enjoying some success, as it is great for the future of our sport!

However, as our customers know, we’ve always been proud to boast consistently excellent catches year-after-year. We are going all out every day, every year, to ensure the best results, and we are not waiting around for the once-every-10-years type of season that 2023 was. Regardless of the conditions (natural or otherwise), we’re consistently setting the standard higher, and our commitment shines through every single day!

When it comes down to it, catching fish is just as important as providing an excellent overall experience. Consistently doing both is why our guests continue to fish with us every year.

Many thanks to our dedicated team and our amazing customers for their ongoing support. Here’s to many more wonderful seasons ahead!