We are kicking off our 2020 charter fishing season here in Kewaunee! With regard to Covid19, there are currently no restrictions in place. However, there are guidelines set forth by the CDC and local government health departments. Based on these guidelines, we are making the following changes for this season:

1. We will provide single-use masks for our guests, or you may bring your own.

2. We do have running fresh water and hand soap on board. In addition, we will have extra hand sanitizer available for use in between hand washing.

3. While our boat is no stranger to being very clean, we will be taking additional measures to sanitize equipment and surfaces between every charter trip. To give us time to do so, we will not be running any mid-day 10am to 4pm charters, which historically left no time between our morning charter and the mid-day charter. We will start any mid-day trips at around 12pm this season.

4. Please do not come aboard if you are sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick. Please use your best judgement and limit risks prior to and during your visit to Kewaunee.

5. We will be very flexible with cancellations and reschedules.

Looking forward to another safe and memorable season of charter fishing in Kewaunee!